Life Coaching 101

Who is Life Coaching for?

Life Coaching is for anyone that would like support, fresh perspective and added strategy in moving forward toward change or improvement in some aspect of her or his life.

If think you could use some help to successfully transition through change, transform into a greater place of wellbeing or to accomplish your desired goals, you may want to consider a Life Coaching Consultation.

If you’re looking for purpose and clarity in your life, Life Coaching can help you discover this, as the process works to reveal the REAL you, and what you really want.

What is a Life Coach?

A Life Coach… is not one who has all of the answers, but one who can ask you the right questions, because the truth, your truth, is always within you.
A Life Coach… is one that will help you identify what’s truly important to you. The Life Coach assists in revealing your driving traits which will be the indicators of discovering your true source of joy and purpose in life.
A Life Coach… uses a forward-moving approach to reach your goals, but only after determining what’s really important to you.

Sometimes people will enter into coaching with a particular goal, only to discover that it isn’t really their goal for them at all. Early in your coaching, your coach goes through a process with you to uncover your truth to find clarity. Once you identify both, what’s really important to you and what’s truly good for you, then the action journey begins.

A Life Coach Focuses on You

Your coach is your accountability partner, your cheerleader, and will provide motivation, inspiration, added strategy and perspective to help you sort things out along the way on your path of success. You will define each next step in alignment with YOUR definition of success, and what you determine together as the best plan of action steps for you to take to be able to get you where you want to be. The coach helps you help yourself transform and transition into that next level, that next change, your next success.

What to Expect from Coaching

Coaching provides assistance to identify, prioritize, execute and accomplish. It offers a focus on You and Your Goal(s) with encouragement, compassion, strategy and accountability. Together you begin to create or enhance the life you want and love within that interactive, supportive and encouraging (for you) relationship.

During this process, you’ll begin to see yourself emerging into your fullest potential in any and every area of your life, if that is your goal and expectation.

Your coach helps you move through any “perceived” obstacles and cheers for you as you speed on forward.

Your coach deals with Your Truth: helps you to uncover it, if needed; helps you define it; and helps you to prioritize and gain a manageable balance of priorities in your life to make way for what you really want.

The goal is to assist you in revealing more of who you really are, your abilities and resources so you’re able to create a life experience for yourself that has more joy and satisfaction in it overall.

Examples of the Spectrum of Life Coaching focuses:

  • Defining Purpose, Clarity and Action
  • Spiritual Expansion
  • Health & Fitness
  • Successful Life Transitions & Personal Transformation
  • Career Aspirations
  • Entrepreneurial/Business Goals/Strategy
  • Love/Family Relationship Improvement/Enhancement
  • Financial Wellbeing
  • And More…According to What You Desire in Your Life Right Now


*Check Out Wendy’s Current GROUP COACHING Options Too! Visit Wendy Kay’s Group Coaching Center


For Individual Coaching:

6-Session Package* $750 Pre-Pay Option (Includes 1 Free Session)

($900 Value @ 150/Session to Pay-as-You-go)

  • · Scheduling for the 6-Sessions in this Package can be weekly, e/o, and up to every 3 weeks & the days/times will be flexible within the appointment schedule times.
  • · This Package includes Up to one-hour Email Time per calendar month (w/ one 10-Minute “Urgency” Call per calendar month).


12-Session Package* $1440 Pre-Pay Option (20% discount)

($1800 Value @ 150/Session to Pay-as-You-go) 3-Payment Option (Includes 2 Free Sessions) $500 To Start, again at 30 & 60 days

  • · Scheduling for the 12-Sessions in this Package can be weekly, e/o, and up to every 3 weeks & the days/times will be flexible within the appointment schedule times.
  • · This Package includes Up to one-hour Email Time per calendar month (w/ one 10-Minute “Urgency” Call per calendar month).



This Coaching Session is where we work together to determine Strategy and Create a Focus Plan for Something You Want.* It can be used to discover your life’s purpose. Or you can use it to identify blocks that may be holding you back from what you want, along with a strategy or plan of action to bust through them.

*Realistic (for you) Health Improvement Plan; Optimal Options for your Career Change; Experience Spiritual Consciousness; Tweak Your Biz Marketing Plan; Increase your Current Income; Examine ways to Improve your Relationships; Create Time…
Whatever you want to obtain Clarity, Purpose & Action on.


 On-Going Options

Month-to-Month* (3 Weekly Sessions; 1 Week Off) $400 Billed Monthly in Advance

  • · Scheduling for the month-to-month sessions are typically set up the same day/time each week.
  • · Each month will have three sessions scheduled for the month in advance.
  • · This Package includes Up to one-hour Email Time per calendar month (w/ one 10-Minute “Urgency” Call per calendar month).

***Maintenance Agreement*** $150/Month

2- 30-Minute Sessions

Interim Weeks Email, if needed


The Pro Bono Program . . .Well, Almost

I believe circumstances exist that are exceptional in nature where a person’s life would completely turn around with the support, encouragement and strategy offered through my coaching. Individuals that desperately desire new perspectives to consider to break through to the life of expression and contribution they know awaits them. And sometimes these very people have allowed their financial situation to fall, or maybe they’ve never known that they deserve to financially thrive to this point.

I dedicate a percentage of my coaching time to serve such individuals, on a “feel” basis, at a very nominal fee of 17% (or $25) of my regular session fee. I still require a small payment due to my experience of offering these services for free where I have found, in most cases, that the lack of any financial accountability also leads to a lack of continuity in personal accountability in the use of coaching.

If you believe that you, or someone you know, fits into these exceptional circumstances, I would love to hear from the person that wishes to be coached. Send me a note (must be on your own behalf) through the site Contact Page with your contact information stating your request and answering these 3 questions thoroughly:

  1. What is it that you seek (to do, be, have, change or accomplish)?
  2. Why (the result you desire)?
  3. And finally, so many could benefit from coaching but may see themselves as not being able to “afford it,” whether they don’t really have the money to put toward it or they won’t allow it into their budget as a “temporary priority” toward their own growth and development. So this requires a 2-part question: What is your financial circumstance that may qualify you to receive this program, and why you possibly over another?

Note from Coach Wendy…

As your coach, I’m dedicated to your success. I’ve been told that I have a knack for bringing out the best in people, and the truth is, I enjoy it! Nothing gives me greater pleasure or sense of satisfaction than to assist someone else in realizing their own Greatness and help them find their own motivation to live with purpose and to live their life more successfully. To me the coaching process is a mutually fulfilling venture, and I can’t wait to meet you!

I offer a free consultation as a way to find out what you’re looking for in the coaching process, and at the same time you are provided the opportunity to get a feel if I might be the right coach for you. So I encourage you to take advantage of the consultation if you are seriously considering utilizing a life coach to enhance your life experience.

Contact Me For a Free Consultation

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