Tammy M., WI
Tammy M., WITestimonial

“Wendy’s experience and knowledge is a solid support as she guides me towards my own success. She helps me transform my ideas into reality. I am no longer just thinking about what I want to create, I am creating success in my own life! Thank you Wendy!”

Nikki M., CO
Nikki M., COTestimonial

“Life Coaching with Wendy Kay led me to preview my future, and not dwell in the past. With the tools I gained, I changed my career path along with certain attributes of my personal life. By examining the different facets of my mind, body and soul, I was able to realize my own life’s purpose and start my journey toward those goals.”

Tanisha B., Chicago, IL
Tanisha B., Chicago, ILTestimonial

“I’m so glad that my friend recommended you as a coach after reading your book, Wendy. You’ve helped me to regain direction in my life by redefining what’s important to me. I didn’t even know what direction to go, but now I do! Getting back to who I really am has helped me find my direction in life and in love. Thank you for your compassion and understanding – and thank you for taking the journey with me!”

Christina H., OK
Christina H., OKTestimonial

“…On a personal note, I love your book! I have read many of the authors that you quote and live my life by the power of positive thinking! Thank you for putting this together.”

Nicole, CO
Nicole, COTestimonial

“Your book is incredible. I looooove it. I love the honesty, the personal stories, and the realism. I can not wait to read it again and I’ve already revisited the Attitude and Do over chapters! You’re message is motivating and uplifting. I think you should start immediately on your next book.”

Vaughn Conley, KY
Vaughn Conley, KYTestimonial

“You have laid out an easy, pleasant and inspiring read. I’m impressed.”

Kelly Haldeman, WI
Kelly Haldeman, WITestimonial

“So my story may differ from others, as I have always had the fortune of Wendy and her words of wisdom because she is my sister.  But never were her private words to me and her so eloquently written words more powerful than when my business was struggling and then came to an end.  I couldn’t have a clear thought, I was ridden with guilt and sorrow, I couldn’t sleep. . .I was a mess.  My business was my baby and one of my many identities and I treasured it.  My sister has this amazing gift of always being positive, even in her own times of trial, and finding the positive and letting me know that “I” have the power within me to make changes and to see the light at the end of my own tunnel.  As I navigated through her book feeling hopeful, first reading the chapters that I thought would pertain to my dilemmas, writing notes, bending corners of certain pages, I was beginning to feel an empowerment, that should have been obvious to me all along.  It’s not a quick fix book, it’s been a process of changing specific ways of thinking.  She sheds light on the obvious, that isn’t always obvious until she shows us how easy it really is.  I make a conscious effort everyday to see and think in a positive, constructive way.  I am worthy, I am fortunate, I am blessed and I truly try to be happy everyday and that is in large part because of my amazing sister Wendy and an amazing author, Wendy Kay!”

Angela Kinder, Waco TX
Angela Kinder, Waco TXTestimonial

“I received the book Saturday and finished it Sunday night. I have to say that I learned and discovered a lot of things about myself and the life around me.  I was just waiting for things to happen (good or bad) and blame someone else for the bad. I realized that while I can’t change anyone else’s behavior, I could change how I react to it. Instead of getting angry at something I had no control over, I could think of something good that came from it. There are other things I learned, but it would fill a book. LOL”

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